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In the following you will find the boat registers for the different countries which will be maintained on a voluntariliy basis. Corrections and wishes shall be communicated to .


Number Ranges

In collaboration with the manufacturers, the following number ranges were defined for the different boat types. These must obligatorily be respected and completed with the respective country code. It has to be mentioned that EUR is not valid as country code.

Eagle Catamarans
1 to 99
Bimare BIM 18HT and Javelin 2
101 to 199
201 to 299
Bimare X2
301 to 399
501 to 599
801 to 899
901 to 999


Country Overview

In the following you will find the boats with owner and type of boat for which the sail number is known by the International 18HT Association.
SUI1 Alex Bührer Eagle 18HT
SUI2 Christof Brandenberger Eagle 18HT
SUI4 Jean-Richard Minardi Eagle 18HT
SUI114 Kris Verlinden Javelin 2
SUI116 Benedikt Huber Javelin 2
SUI123 Philipp Lutz Javelin 2
SUI150 Nicolas Verwilghen Javelin 2
SUI151 Michael Banditt Javelin 2
SUI152 Ulrich Scheidegger Javelin 2
SUI155 Christof Gafner Javelin 2
SUI156 Jean-Claude Wili Javelin 2
SUI301 Steve Zehnder Javelin X2
SUI507 Beat Eichelberger Ventilo 18HT
SUI508 Guy Delaloye Ventilo 18HT
SUI511 Michael Huber Ventilo 18HT
SUI801 Marc-Antoine Grepper Ventilo 18HT 2005
SUI806 Jérôme Plojoux Ventilo 18HT 2005
SUI818 André Reymond Ventilo 18HT 2005
SUI902 Andi Lutz Mattia Sport
GER1 Heiner Wolfshöfer Eagle 18HT
GER143 Rudolf Angerer Javelin 2
GER149 Reiner Widmann Javelin 2
GER151 Thomas Frehner Javelin 2
GER157 Jürgen Dumbeck Javelin 2
GER201 Dirk Staubert Nikita 18HT
IRL130 Connor Fuhrer Javelin 2
BEL7 Frédéric Vandenberghe Eagle 18HT
FRA127 Yanis Andrebe-Moity Javelin 2


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