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The Swiss 18HT Association aims the promotion of the 18HT class and its race calendar in Switzerland and the near european countries as well as the care of the comradely relationships among its members. The Swiss 18HT Association promotes the catamaran sport not only through the organisation of regattas and events but also through close relationships with other classes and associations.

Besides the organization of races, the Swiss 18HT Association offers assistance in boat purchasing, organizes training sessions, holidays, different informative events and parties. Thereby always the fun and the care of friendships is put in center of attention.

Furthermore we offer privileges for insurance contracts, offer help for sponsor search, present novelties, give technical and tactical advises and inform over the different sailing areas.

A Swiss 18HT Association not only for regatta freaks, but for all 18HT sailors.


Executive committee

First Chairman
Beat Käser
CH-5106 Veltheim

Second Chairman
Andi Lutz
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Connor Fuhrer
CH-3110 Münsigen

Sports Responsible
Martin Schori
CH-3604 Thun

Marc-Antoine Grepper
CH-8048 Zürich



If you are interested in the Swiss 18HT Association and you want to start sailing on a 18HT boat, a membership could be worth. We try to keep the annual fees as low as possible.


Swiss 18HT Association
'It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.'
George William