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14.2.2007 - In Berne the general assembly of the Swiss 18HT Association took place on Friday the 9.2.2007. Beside most diverse items also new elections stood on the agenda. Steve Zehnder made, after two years of intensive buildup work his position as president due to private reasons available. Furtheron as a freshbaked, double father, André Reymond made his position as sports responsible available. The assembly elected Beat Käser (Lake of Constance) and Martin Schori (Lake of Thun) unanimously to the new president respectively sports responsible. Following the assembly the prize-giving of the 18HT Aquastar Cup 2006 took place. The cup was won by the mixed Italian team Marco Morelli and Deborah Casula on ITA161 in front of Pierpaolo Gori and Luca Filippi on ITA157. On the third place followed André Reymond and Peter Rüegsegger on SUI818.

27.1.2007 - The International 18HT Association assigns Bimare on demand the range from 301 to 399 for its new X2.

23.1.2007 - The International 18HT Association assigns Nikita on demand the range from 201 to 299 for its sailing numbers.

9.1.2007 - We did receive a lot of questions in relation to the sail numbers of the 18HT class. The commitee decided to build up a national and international boat register in collaboration with the International 18HT Association on a voluntariliy basis and to coordinate the distribution of the sail numbers. According to 18HT philosophy, we will be open for any personal wishes within the respective number ranges. Please adress any corrections and/or wishes according to the published information within the register on . Entry will decide about personnal wishes.

3.1.2007 - The Swiss 18HT Association will be present at the SwissNautic (17.2. - 25.2.2007) at its own stand. A minimal occupation is ensured but nevertheless we are still looking for some volounteers. Please contact us via .

3.1.2007 - The Swiss 18HT Association plans for the week just before the Cat-Weekend in Spiez (23.4. - 27.4.2007) to hold a training session with the actual F18 World Champion Helge Sach. Depending on the interest we would plan two sessions during the week. In order to organize this we would kindly ask you to subscribe provisionally and let us know your priorities in relation to the dates. Places are restricted due to the fact that Helge Sach allows a maximum of only six boats in one session. Priority will be given to our members.

3.1.2007 - For all those who will have time the legendary Trophy Cat Tunisie will be hold this year again.

19.12.2006 - Invitation General Assembly 2007 and Skiing.

16.12.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association si proud that Gul Switzerland will act as name sponsor for the Swiss 18HT Cup 2007.

The cup consists in the following races and will be held under the name of Swiss Gul Cup 2007:

28.04. - 29.04.2007 - Catweekend Spiez - Lake of Thun - Switzerland - Triangle
12.05. - 13.05.2007 - 18HT Open Morges - Lake of Geneva - Switzerland - Triangle
27.05. - 28.05.2007 - 18HT French Open - Lac de Bourget - France - Triangle
10.08. - 12.08.2007 - 18HT Zech Open - Lac of Constance - Germany - Triangle
18.08. - 19.08.2007 - 18HT Jura Open - Lac de Joux - Switzerland - Long Distance
13.09. - 16.09.2007 - 18HT Euro 2007 - Lake of Thun - Switzerland - Triangle

An overview and all results that will follow during the season can be found on our

Furtheron the International 18HT Association recommends in the name of H2O-Sensations to put the following races as a free international 18HT series in your calendar:

07.04. - 09.04.2007 - 33 Vele di Pasqua - Cesenatico - Italy - Triangle
-- to be confirmed-- - Italian Open - Ravenna - Italy - Triangle
20.06. - 23.06.2007 - Rond om Texel - Texel - Netherlands - Long Distance
07.07. - 08.07.2007 - Multilario - Comersee - Italy - Triangle/Long Distance
22.09. - 23.09.2007 - Duc d'Albe - Hyères - France - Long Distance
29.09. - 30.09.2007 - Catweekend - Bielersee - Switzerland - Triangle


Motivation and purposes

The Swiss 18HT Association aims the promotion of the 18HT class and its race calendar in Switzerland and the near european countries as well as the care of the comradely relationships among its members. The Swiss 18HT Association promotes the catamaran sport not only through the organisation of regattas and events but also through close relationships with other classes and associations.

Besides the organization of races, the Swiss 18HT Association offers assistance in boat purchasing, organizes training sessions, holidays, different informative events and parties. Thereby always the fun and the care of friendships is put in center of attention.

This site serves as platform for information exchange around the 18HT class in special and catamaran sailing in general.

The Swiss 18HT Association makes an enormous effort to keep this site always up to date and this in the three languages German, French and English. Due to its limited ressources, errors may occur. We accept all critical remarqs and/or any improvement suggestions. For our italian spoken friends the fourth language is planned for the second release.



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