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1.11.2006 - Announcment General Assembly 2007 and Price Giving 18HT Aquastar Cup 2006. The general assembly 2007 will be hold the 9th February 2007 in Berne. Informations will follow via E-Mail.

27.10.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association already received several requests for publication of the race calendar 2007. Due to the fact that negotiations with possible sponsors are not yet terminated, publication will be delayed. Nevertheless the 18HT Cup 2007 will be constituted of 5 races in Switzerland and Germany and the 18HT Euro 2007 on the Lake of Thun. Besides that the Swiss 18HT Association will recommend a list of races in Europe with 18HT participation.

23.10.2006 - Results 18HT Aquastar-Cup. German Open IDB. 21./22.10.2006.
Final Ranking 18HT Aquastar Cup 2006.

18.9.2006 - During the the 2006 European Criterium 18HT in Cesenatico an assembly under direction of the International 18HT Association represented by its president Jacqueline Cooper was hold.

The following points were voted by a total of 18 international 18HT crews consisting of 9 Italian, 7 Swiss and 2 German and approved last week by the respective american representant:

The International 18HT Association will be transferred to Switzerland represented by Andreas Lutz as president and Marc-Antoine Grepper as vice-president.

The class will acquire an official measurer within the class itself. This person shall acquire the necessary qualification by sitting the relevant courses at the Swiss Sailing Federation. Following qualification, the title 'Official 18HT Measurer' will be assigned to Jean-Richard Minardi.

During discussions, members asked the new 18HT president to act as a main focus on the ISAF recognition.

An adequate communication platform will follow as soon as possible in order to keep you all updated about the activities.

30.8.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association supports the Olympic-Laser-Campaign of Christian Steiger. During the 2006 European Criterium 18HT in Italy, Christian was our guest as crew on SUI901.

29.8.2006 - Results 2006 European Criterium 18HT. Circolo Vela Cesenatico 24./27.8.2006.
Aquastar Cup 2006.
The images.

31.7.2006 - Training Lake of Thun, 29./30.72006.
The images.

6.8.2006 - 18HT Aquastar-Cup. German Open IDB. 21./22.10.2006.

5.8.2006 - 18HT Aquastar-Cup. The committee decided not to replace the cancelled race of Wasserburg. The current cup will be finished with only three out of four races. For the season 2007 we plan six races including the 18HT Euro 2007 on the Lake of Thun and one longdistance event.

4.8.2006 - Due to the fact that boats without measurement letter will not be admitted to the races of the 18HT-Cup 2007, the association will organize a measurer available during the German Open IDB in Germany. Besides that, there will be a possibility of official measurement during the 18HT Euro in Italy. Otherwise it is on every owners own responsability to get the required documents for next years races.

4.8.2006 - For all informations and/or eventual hotel reservation in relation to the 18HT Euro in Italy you may contact us under .

31.7.2006 - Training Lake of Thun, 29./30.72006.

23.7.2006 - Bodensee Open 2006, Wasserburg, 29.7. - 30.7.2006 definitely cancelled. Informations will follow.

18.7.2006 - Regattatactics and Rules, 11.8.2006 in Thun.

12.6.2006 - Bodensee Open 2006, Wasserburg, 29.7. - 30.7.2006.

20.5.2006 - 18HT DVD Teaser is online at H2O Sensations.

15.5.2006 - Results 18HT Open de Morges.
Aquastar Cup 2006.
18HT Open Morges 2006.

10.5.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association congratulates Danielle and Kris Verlinden to the birth of her daughter Tess and wishes all the best.

9.5.2006 - Smooth redesign of https://www.18ht.ch.

8.5.2006 - German Open 18HT. Fifth race of the Aquastar-Cup 2006.

8.5.2006 - 18HT Bodensee Open. Third race of the Aquastar-Cup 2006.

7.5.2006 - The executive committee of the Swiss 18HT Association decided on its assembly of the 28.4.2006 to allow GPS on its regattas.

7.5.2006 - 18HT Open de Morges. Second race of the Aquastar-Cup 2006.

6.5.2006 - Regulation Aquastar-Cup 2006 (German version).

5.5.2006 - The Neue Zürcher Zeitung publishes an article on the 18HT class.

20.4.2006 - 29. to 30.04.2006 - Cat Weekend, Lake of Thun Open - International Cat-Weekend - Lake of Thun / Yacht Club Spiez. Counts for the Aquastar Cup.
Aquastar Cup 2006.

4.4.2006 - The fourth manufacturer of 18HT catamarans, Mattia Sport, will participate with two prototypes in the 2006 18HT regatta series.

1.4.2006 - FIRST APRIL JOKE! The Swiss 18HT Association is proud to present a training session with Niels Frei from Team Alinghi on the Lake of Thun. During his presence due to the H2O-Sensations 18HT movie project from the 22.4. to the 29.4.2006 he agreed to share his multihull experience to 18HT members. FIRST APRIL JOKE!

8.3.2006 - The 18HT race calendar 2006.

3.3.2006 - The executive comittee of the Swiss 18HT Association decided the following points during an extraordinary assembly:

The Aquastar-Cup will take place with five instead of six events. The omitted race at the Lago Maggiore will not be replaced.

An inscription will be necessary for the Aquastar-Cup. For this purpose a form is available under Deadline is 28.4.2006, participation is free.

For the ranking of the Aquastar-Cup the following rule will apply: First place receives 1 point, second place 2 points, ... For a no-shown the equal in points of announced boats will be written. There will be one blank over the whole series.

In relation to measurement letters the Swiss 18HT Association will accept for 2006 the indications of the manufacturers in condition that those will be based on the state of official measurers. For 2006 fair trading in relation to this will be applied however for 2007 only boats with official measurement letters will be accepted for the Aquastar-Cup.

15.1.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association presents together with the swiss watch company Aquastar the 18HT regatta series Aquastar Cup 2006.
Aquastar Genève.
Aquastar Cup 2006 (German).

15.1.2006 - Invitation to the 1th regular assembly of the Swiss 18HT Association. We invite all members, interested persons and friends to our first assembly in Berne.

15.1.2006 - Next Saturday the 21.1.2006, Christof Gafner and Will Scheidegger will offer a Telemark-Skiing-Beginners-Training for sailors in the Lenk. Inscriptions and informations under [email protected].

14.1.2006 - The discounts offered by H2O Sensations to the members of the Swiss 18HT Association are now online whithin the member area. We thank Jean-Richard Minardi and H2O Sensations for their generosity.

9.1.2006 - The Boot 2006 takes place in Düsseldorf between the 21. and the 29.9.2006.
More informations under Boot 2006.

1.1.2006 - The Swiss 18HT Association wishes you all the best for 2006. May it be a successful sailing season.

31.12.2005 - 2005 International 18HT Championship in Igea Marina: The ICCT clip will follow soon.

31.12.2005 - Test report Hobie Cat Pacific in the Voiles News Magazine (in French).

31.12.2005 - Herbstpreis TBSV, 1./2.10.2005 Lake of Thun.

31.12.2005 - The Swiss 18HT Association is proud to present H2O-Sensations as its prefered supplier. More informations and special offers will follow.
Jean-Richard Minardi
Case Postale 22
1293 Bellevue-Genève


26.9.2005 - Two 18HT took part in the traditionnal Hyères-Holidays this year in the south of France. Christof and Marlene on SUI155 as well as Connor and Matthias on EUR130 were then of course ready for a small photo-shooting near the famous Duc d'Albe.

26.9.2005 - From the 16th to the 18th September 2005, the 6th edition of the legendary 'Raid du Duc d'Albe' will take place in Hyères, France. Two teams of the Lake of Thun will, like every year, be part of the starting field. This year on two Javelin2. The 'Raid du Duc d'Albe' is the biggest long-distance race for multihulls in the mediterrean sea. The fact that the starting area is in a small and protected bay allows also surf-untrained teams to participate at this great event. Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations, our experiencies and/or help in organising a participation.
Informations: http://www.ducdalbe.com

21.8.2005 - Voile Libre Morges - Criterium Formule 18HT - 10./11.9.2005 in Morges.

21.8.2005 - SCWe-Wendelsee-Cup 2005 - 3rd TBSV-Cup-Race - 27.8.2005 in Thun.

20.8.2005 - The Swiss 18HT Association is pleased to present Ehlers Media GbR as its preferred partner for media relations. The media agency Ehlers Media GbR will support the association in all visual issues.
Ehlers Media GbR

30.7.2005 - Connor (formerly EUR130, new IRL130) married las weekend. The Swiss 18HT Association wishes Nathalie and him all the best for the future and thanks them for the generous hospitality.

27.7.2005 - The statutes of the Swiss 18HT Association are now also available in French.
Statutes in French.

26.7.2005 - For the first time since 15 years, Russell Coutts will not be involved in the Americas Cup. Therefore he went online with his own website.

25.7.2005 - The images of Wasserburg are now online. Our thanks go to the photographer Michael Ehlers.

20.7.2005 - 27th Augustin Sumser Longdistance Regatta 2005 - Wasserburg - 19./20.8.2005.

19.7.2005 - Il Criterium Internazionale Catamarani 18HT - Lago Maggiore, Verbania -
Trofeo 'Suffiarello' - 3./4.9.2005.

19.7.2005 - The Swiss 18HT Association welcomes Heiner Wolfshöfer from Catstadl as passiv member. Are you also interested? Contact us:

18.7.2005 - At the Second Regattaweekend of Wasserburg / First 18HT German Open the Lake Constance showed once more his very special wind conditions. At Saturday ongoing thunderstorms and wind from almost all possible directions prevented the race comitee to start the regattas as predicted. Weather forecast for Sunday announced hot weather without any constant wind which forced the race comitte to put first start at 9am hoping for a little thermionics which unfortunately didn't appear. So only one race was sailed with very weak wind around just 1 Beaufort.
Results First 18HT German Open.

13.7.2005 - After 5 races the Swiss team Fehr/Fehr is on 7th position in the intermediate ranking of the Dart 18 Euros.

13.7.2005 - The big names out of the Tornado class are dominating the F18 Worlds. The Australians Bundock/Ashby are first, Booth/Dercksen second. The only Swiss team Audema/Vandenbergh on 81st position out of 141 boats.

12.7.2005 - Notice: Dutch Open 2006 and Zwizerleven Rond om Texel 2006 15.6.-18.6.2006.

12.7.2005 - Jochen Schuemann and his crew won the Jeep Challenge in Porto Cervo.
Plus d'infos...

12.7.2005 - Geronimo in 17 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes und 39 seconds around Australia. World record!

11.7.2005 - The Swiss 18HT Association is mentioned in the online version of the IBN (Internationale Bodensee + Boot-Nachrichten)in relation to the Second Regattaweekend of Wasserburg 2005 and the First 18HT German Open. An extended article about the asscoiation will follow in the next edition of the print version.

11.7.2005 - Médiatis Région Aquitaine will not participate in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2005. Because of a too just timing, Yves Parlier will not participate in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2005 aboard Médiatis Région Aquitaine. The 'aquitain' skipper will pursue however a program of records in 2006. For the moment, the hydraplaneur is in repair in the Shipyard of Larros. More...

4.7.2005 - Four Swiss 18HT took the challenge and went to the Netherlands to the biggest catrace in the world. Andi Lutz and Beat Käser on Ventilo 18HT SUI511, Oliver Rappke and Mike form Collogne on BIM 18HT, Kris Verlinden and Steve Zehnder on Javelin B EUR114 as well as Marc-Antoine and Yves Grepper on Javelin B SUI156. As fifth Swiss team, Christof Gafner and Martin Schori completed the group with their modificated BIM F20 SUI4711. Unfortunately the conditions decided for the material and against the race but they had nevertheless a lot of fun. The inofficial pictures of the Zwitserleven Rond om Texel 2005 are now online in our gallery.

1.7.2005 - Images of the new Eagle 18HT are now online in our gallery.

1.7.2005 - More images of the Ventilo 18HT are now online in our gallery.

28.6.2005 - The first images of the brandnew Ventilo 18HT are now online!

28.6.2005 - The first images of the 18HT Worldcup in Rimini are now online!

21.5.2005 - The images of the 18HT trim-weekend for Javelin-Newcomers in Thun are online. The Swiss 18HT Association thanks Edwin Geisert for his valuables tips. Other trainings for the class will follow.

21.5.2005 - First images of the Cat-Weekend in Spiez are online.

21.5.2005 - Rankings of the Cat-Weekend in Spiez are online.

21.2.2005 - Doha 2006 leads at the Oryx Quest with 17298 nautical miles to the finish.

20.2.2005 - Suissenautic 2005 is over. The Swiss 18HT Association draws a positive balance of its presence.

9.2.2005 - Dominique Wavre finishes the Vendée Globe 2005 on the 4th place.

8.2.2005 - Ellen MacArthur beats with 71 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds the world record of Francis Joyon.

5.2.2005 - Andrea Gancia and Matteo Miceli from Italy beat the transat world record in an 20 foot open catamaran. From Dakar to Guadeloupe they need 13 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes and 27 seconds with an average speed of 8.28 knots.

4.2.2005 - Swissboat Yachting writes about the Swiss 18HT Association.

30.1.2005 - The Swiss 18HT Association will be at Swissnautic in Berne from 12.-20. February.

14.1.2005 - The association welcomes Andrew Landenberger from Landenberger-Sailing as honouring member with advisory function.

14.1.2005 - Foundation of the Swiss 18HT Association in Berne.

17.11.2004 - The Swiss 18HT Association is online with its new webpage under https://www.18ht.ch.

5.11.2004 - The general assembly of the Swiss 18HT Association takes place the 14th of January 2005 / invitations will follow.

22.10.2004 - Ventilo brings a completely new 18HT Wavepiercer on 2005.

20.10.2004 - The Website of the Swiss 18HT Association goes online.

18.10.2004 - This winter takes place the general assembly of the Swiss 18HT Association. Main theme will be the election of the executive committee. Details will follow.

13.10.2004 - For the season 2005 a european series of 4 to 5 regattas in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy is planned.

12.10.2004 - In Switzerland sail meanwhile 22 teams on 18HT boats.

15.09.2004 - Tomcat from France gives its beginning at the Duc d'Albe in Hyères.

12.09.2004 - Eagle brings a new 18HT on January 2005. Two teams from the lake of Thoune will sail on this boat next season.

10.09.2004 - In 2005 the first 18HT Stealth will sail in Switzerland.

28.08.2004 - Several new 18HT teams on Javelin and Eagle in Germany.

26.08.2004 - Several new 18HT teams in Austria.

'If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.'
Seneca (Roman philosopher)